Bus Rush Game (Android)


This big gorilla just found you as a good playmate. Don’t look back if you want to outlast the raging beast behind you here in Bus Rush. The goal here is to simply move your character and try to get the farthest distance possible for as long as you can. Slide down or jump to avoid crashing onto the traffic barricades. As you run farther, buses will also appear and can crush you. Move swiftly from left to right to dodge them. There are also special power ups like rocket boosters to help you get farther and collect coins for items.



Bus Rush is an exciting and challenging endless runner, if you have played Subway Surfers, you’ll definitely be at home here, as the game is really just like it, but instead of running through the the train tracks, you’ll be controlling your character through a busy road full of buses and other vehicles, the main goal in this game is to register the longest run possible before your character dies, the goal may be simple but it’s not really that easy to do, as there are a lot of obstacles, they range from the variety of vehicles that you see on the road, to barricades and even ice cream carts that you don’t normally find in the middle of the road, fortunately, there are a lot of cool powerups to help you out, like those coin magnets that help you collect a lot of coins, a score multiplier to increase your scores, the super jump to increase the height of your jumps and the jetpack that lets your character soar through the air above, thereby avoiding obstacles altogether, there are also 4 characters for you to unlock, all of which are pretty cool whether by design or by game performance, so come on and join the rush, challenge yourself and see if you got what it takes to be the best runner here in Bus Rush.

Graphics and Sound

Bus Rush has pretty cool graphics, by design, it is somehow similar to Subway Surfers, the only difference is that, it has different obstacle design, characters are cartoony and pretty, they are quite detailed too as can be seen when you play the game, environments are very nice as details are great and so are the obstacle designs, you’ll see a variety of buses in different shapes and colors, and speaking of colors, the game looks bright, colors are plentiful and vivid, the game is just bursting with lively colors throughout, animations are also smooth, the moving parts of the game like the characters, obstacles and powerups were animated nicely, music and sounds are also cool, soundtrack is upbeat and sound effects are varied, special effects are also pretty, although there’s nothing innovative in the game, it still managed to look pretty and nice, overall, the game looks quite cool graphically as everything is in place.


Bus Rush as mentioned earlier, is just like Subway Surfers when it comes to looks and gameplay, it is quite evident too, and you’ll notice it when you start playing the game, as with most endless runners, your task in the game is to make the longest run before your character dies, it won’t be easy as there are really a lot of obstacles in the game, and it gets faster the longer you play, the key here are the powerups, the powerups are really great as they facilitate a longer run, so try to get as many as you can especially the coin magnets, the more coins you get, the more powerups you can buy at the Bus Rush city store, controls are very simple by the way, and if you have played Subway Surfers before, you’ll have a great time for sure.


Bus Rush features and endless running fun, there are a lots of obstacles in the game for you to evade, there are a total of 4 unique and cool characters for you to unlock and a variety of powerups to help you register a nice distance.


Bus Rush is pretty fun game, it may look quite similar to Subway Surfers but it doesn’t stop it from being fun, if you enjoyed Subway Surfers, you’ll enjoy this one for sure as the game plays just like it, check it out if you haven’t played it yet.

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