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Fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in Control Panel Windows 10

How to fix Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing in control panel Windows 10 sound problem
Hi guys, here’s a proper solution to fix windows 10 sound problem and also, this video will help to fix Realtek high definition audio manager not showing in windows 10’s control panel. Basically, this is caused by windows updates, when it needs to be repaired and when a clean installation process is required.
Don’t worry, by following this tutorial, you can easily get the solution for Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing Problem in windows 10.


🔊Realtek High Definition Audio Driver –


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  1. SUPER….so nice explanation

  2. What i do with captcha

  3. It worked, thank you sooooooo much man.

  4. I get verify fail every time I enter the capcha even if correct………..

  5. It didnt work now my pc isnt picking up when i plug in mh headphones wdf

  6. I just got my new laptop from cyberPC and the sound wasnt working without a driver. I downloaded the 64bit and now I have sound! Thank you!

  7. 4(!) HOURS TO DOWNLOAD??? PUH!!!!

  8. Guys if you are using an ASUS Motherboard
    Go to ASUS website, search for your motherboard, go to drivers section and download the latest RealTEK driver, the download speed is much faster.

  9. it only copies but won't paste. help

  10. What if i have ALC887 8 channel sound?

  11. is that Aspire E 14?

  12. Followed each and every step but nothing worked

  13. Whenever I plug in my headphones or whatever it just pops up and nothing works. It asks me luke what I'm using then I click and then it dosent work why dosent it just work automatically

  14. I’m on the restart step now and my pc is on but won’t turn on it’s been a while does this take a while to fully restart?

  15. At 5:36 when I click next it prompts a message saying "Installing this device drvier is not recommended because Windows cannot verify that it is compatible with your hardware. If the driver is not compatible, your hardware will not work correctly and your computer might become unstable or stop working completely. Do you want to continue installing this driver?" I cannot get around this message. I've tried installing the drivers from the Realtek website, from the Asus website for my specific motherboard, none of them work. Any suggestions for a fix?

  16. im just finishing the rest of the video while my pc blue screens

  17. This is the ONLY video that really helped me fix this windows shitty 10 OS update

  18. thank you man, it was a complete guide and so clear.. appreciate..

  19. i have a good internet connection and a good internet speed is coming , still this file (realtek HD audio manager )is downloading very slowly !!! it's showing 5 hr to complete download !! HELP!!

  20. Thankyou so much. i need it concet my headphones

  21. For windows 1903 and later download v2.81 and download from techspot for better download speed

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