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How to Customize Your Desktop | Make Windows Look Awesome

In this video, I will show you how you can make your windows look more beautiful with RocketDock and Rainmeter.

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Win10 Theme:
Elegance 2 –
Elementary 3.0 –
Deep Blue Wallpaper –
Numix Dock Theme –

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  1. and you cant user your desktop anymore because hour and other stuff will be selected :). such a dumb app

  2. does it support windows 7

  3. Does this make the computer slow?

  4. my pc 4gb ram
    i3 3900

  5. can this run on Windows 7

  6. Option of tutorial icons is not there

  7. your awesome ..it works 🙂

  8. This is nothing else but trying to transform a Windows into a MacCrapintish look. I'm sorry but this does not changes anything, it just visually copy the shit out of a shit machine.

  9. Can anyone help me? First download link send me here: https://punklabs.com/
    Why can't iIopen link: Rocketdock: https://rocketdock.com/DOWNLOAD

  10. 3% of 1 core. that's it. my celeron g4920 even flinches at these. $30 cpu mate, go upgrade.

  11. love you

  12. Amazing!! I've just finished following this tutorial and my desktop never looked more beautiful!! Thanks a lot!! 😀

  13. For the people who want the tutorial icons, they actually just got seperated from their original icon folder

  14. its really helpful but please say how to change font style!

  15. I cannot follow…

  16. Thanks a lot
    So cool minimal design

  17. rocketdock hasn't been worked on in 11 years, a good dock is now Winstep Nexus – https://www.winstep.net/nexus.asp

  18. Its a virus :/

  19. Can these theme make reduce fps?

  20. usless

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