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How To Install Realtek HD Audio Drivers In Windows 10 2019 Tutorial

How To Install Realtek HD Audio Drivers In Windows 10 2019 Tutorial

In this Windows 10 Tutorial I will be showing you how easy it is to install the latest version of Realtek HD Audio Drivers this is a great way to resolve any audio issues you maybe having or fix your PC if you have no audio at all as you need audio drivers for your sound to work.

Even if you have the Realtek HD Audio Drivers installed it is always a good idea to update to the latest version of the drivers as this could help increase performance of your PC.

Realtek High Definition Audio Codecs Download Link:

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  1. If you would like to request any tutorials or need any PC help then check out my forum: http://computersluggish.com/



  4. i cant hear you

  5. "The page couldn't been found"

  6. Wow i tried installing it before, but it got stuck somewhere…after watching this vid,it magically started working….lol ……man thnx a ton!

  7. i dont have sound on there 1:53

  8. I got confused halfway through the tutorial so I started clicking at random buttons and it finally worked! Lol

  9. This video is ever helpful and resourceful because it goes step by step !!

  10. fuck damn it, I have that shit, I want to know how to get the fucking control panel so I can change it to a 5.1 surround sound like I was able to do in 2000 fucking 7.. No one seams to get that and everyone tries to explain how but never gets it right fuck.

  11. it doesnt work i downloaded it the way it told me and it didnt work, thanks i guess

  12. Thank you so much
    I would hear sound on my laptop, but when I plugged it in I couldn't hear a thing, thanks man

  13. Thank u so much

  14. Can some one tell me is this safe

  15. 2017 drivers???

  16. thank you so much i live you

  17. You put a virus on my pc with your chinese website.

  18. Thank you bro it's really helpful


  20. wasted fking an hour and half and fk all,, fking shit thing

  21. Still not Fking working,, fking shit Lenovo lap top,,

  22. Many people just making jokes of how people could hear it on their PC with no audio while me….. I used subtitles ;-;

  23. Poli sanam… Work aayi

  24. Thanks! 😀

  25. Isn't work for me

  26. Thanks i was having alot of issues you helped me it WORKED

  27. It worked thank you so MUCH. <3

  28. It didn’t work for me…

  29. Here in 2020. Thanks, this actually worked.

  30. Thank YOu soooo MUCH …. U have no idea how much tensed was I .. seriously THANKSSS ..

  31. Still not working in my pc

  32. Hey can anyone help me it says my realtek speakers aren't plugged in after installing this driver

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