MEGA WIN on Monopoly Live!

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Monopoly Live giving back some of the RTP it owes me and it’s amazing! This is actually from the same session as the Dream Catcher + Monopoly Live win I uploaded yesterday, so if you haven’t seen that one make sure to check it out. I wanted to separate this from the previous highlight as this is not only a big win, it’s also got a nice surprise it in the end…

No links that I use in stream or in comments are transaction links. There are also some very important rules to follow if you decide to gamble:

1. Don’t think of gambling as a way to make money.
Gambling should be seen as a form of entertainment and even if you can win in the short run, the house always has an edge in the long run.

2. Only gamble with money you can afford to lose.

3. Set a money limit in advance.
It’s easy to get carried away when playing, which is why you should set a limit in advance. This is easily done in your profile on most casinos.

4. NEVER chase losses.
Chasing losses can be devastating. Machines / casino games have no memory, so being unlucky for a certain amount of games won’t make you more likely to win further on. If you hit your limits, you should always quit.

5. Take frequent breaks.
Breaks are crucial to not lose your perspective when playing.

❗ For casino links:
18+ ( you won’t be able to sign up if not) T&C’s Apply, New Customers Only, Gamble Responsibly,

If you have any other questions about responsible gambling, you can always ask in chat.

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  1. "2020 already better than 2019" Foot in the mouth moment Big time!!

  2. JEBIGA!

  3. Are u from Balkan u say JEBI GA?

  4. 3:18 sad JEBI GA ?

  5. 3:25 jebiga? is it balkanian

  6. Jebiga hahahaha

  7. What american website or any good site that i can play monopoly live on? Ive been searching for hours. This looks way better than regular roulette.

  8. hello friends, i have one question for you, maybe you can me lend money i lost in monopoly live 5000 dollars money of the rent of me and of my friends , and now i have a notification to pay the money in 7 dags , another wise police kom for me and my friends , i have a lot pain in my heart, please i need help , maybe you can me contact via youtube of facebook please,

  9. Really I can't imagine h u r keep on winning Bro? Give us tips Bro I'm keep on loosing in all

  10. 2020 is already better than 2019… That did not age well AT ALL!

  11. Never play at party casino been waiting for a withdrawel on a verified acct for two weeks now they won’t speak to me ! Party casino is a no no guys bs site

  12. There was a x9600 yesterday

  13. 1:43 hahaha 2020 is already better that 2019
    him now: 😮

  14. Homosexuals always seem to do well on monopoly live….😅

  15. Where are you from 😀 Caz of that Jebiga haaaha

  16. How did you play monopoly live on leovegas? Do you ise a vpn? If you do, whoch country’s vpn server do you choose?

  17. I am thinking of playing that game for the first time but I would like to know how many times you lose on average before winning a big prize. If we count the numbers of the roulette wheel, the chances of you touching 4 are really lower.

  18. Scam monopoly

  19. 3:21 jebigaa

  20. Did you say "Jebiga" 3:24 Balkan word

  21. jebiga

  22. Can you give me only 50 dollars please


  24. Are you German?

  25. i don't understand how this game is played

  26. In Germany we say: "Wir bleiben drinnen"

  27. The person who wins money fast also loses it fast. Anyway nice win!

  28. Why can't I find the game on Leovegas

  29. This game is rigged. The flapper isn’t real it’s controlled by a computer so they can stop the wheel at any position they want. This is not bs, but proof. See video on youtube. Evolution is a fraudulent gaming provider.

  30. I love monopoly 🎲

  31. 5×2 rols videom

  32. Gambling is for suckers

  33. This is the Worst. Garage computer "Gambling"

  34. Made it that far the other day on my time playing the game on a £2 bonus I’d just beat the staking requirements and hit a £300 win just waiting for it to clear in my bank now been doing well on free bonuses lately will deff be playing this game again

  35. These channels trigger people and destroy lives

  36. good one

  37. Can anyone donate me 50$…

  38. JEBIGA XAXAXA 💪💪💪💪

  39. Ding ding

  40. It’s a ding ding

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