• where the country is
This is Singapore – a very small island next to our country, just one and half hour flight from Ho Chi Minh City.

• when you will go there
I’m planning to visit Singapore this 30th April because that day is the holiday in Vietnam. Instead of spending my holiday around Ho Chi Minh City, I’m going to visit Singapore with my friends.

• why you would like to go there
There are many reasons I want to go visit Singapore. Singapore is as big as Ho Chi Minh City, and only 50 years old, but it is now one of the First World Countries. It was led by Lee Kuan Yiew from a deserted damp to one of the busiest cities in the world. It’s quite fantastic. It is well-known for strict laws. If you litter rubbish and get caught, then you will get fined up to few thousand dollars. That’s why Singapore is very clean.

Singapore also doesn’t have large lands for agriculture, all the food and even water have to be imported from Malaysia and other countries, but it still develops to become a strong and powerful country. You can see a lot of skyscrapers in the central. Singapore is famous for education, medicine, financial hub and logistics. These areas are key income earning sources for Singapore.

What’s more, Singapore doesn’t have many natural resources and beautiful landscapes but it attracts a lot of tourists every year. Many shopping malls and entertainment complexes have sprung up to meet this demand. It’s quite amazing for such a tiny country.

and explain why this is a good country to visit.
With all of above things, I strongly believe Singapore is a good place to visit to widen your knowledge and enrich your life experience.

Tips for answering this cue card topic:

Think of a country you know about. Now say that this is the country you have never been to. In reality, you may have visited Vietnam, India, and Australia but have never been to Russia. But if you know very little about Russia, and say that you have never been to Russia, you would be in a difficult position to tell about this country. Rather you should pick a country you know about and the examiner is not going to check your passport if you have really been there or not!

State the fact that you have read about this country, heard about this country and seen on TV about this country but have never been to. You MUST NOT pick your own country as an answer for this cue card.


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