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The Best of Baroque Music

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1. Passepied
2. Badinerie 03:04
3. Aria Sulla Quarta Corda 04:28
4. Rejouissance 08:29
Concerto for Flute, Violin and Harpsichord in A minor BWV 1044
05. I Allegro 10:50
06. II Adagio Ma Non Tanto E Dolce 20:34
07. III Alla Breve 26:20
Italian Concerto In F Major BWV 971
08. I Moderato 33:04
09. II Andante 37:28
10. III Allegro Vivace 42:55
11. Toccata E Fuga In Re Minore (Organo solo) 46:18
12. Toccata In Re Maggiore Bwm 912 – I. Vivace – II. Adagio – III. Vivace 49:02
13. L’Arte Della Fuga – Contrappunto 1 1:01:00
14. L’Arte Della Fuga – Contrappunto 9 1:04:27

“L’estro armonico” Op. 3 Concerto n. 10 in B minor
15. I Allegro 1:07:31
16. II Largo 1:11:45
17. III Allegro 1:15:06
Flute concerto Op. 10 n. 2 “La notte”
18. I. Largo II. Presto III. Largo 1:18:36
19. IV. Presto V. Largo 1:23:47
20. VI Allegro 1:26:58
Flute concerto Op. 10 n. 3 “Il Gardellino”
21. I Allegro 1:28:22
22. II Cantabile 1:32:18
23. III Allegro 1:34:41

24. Concerto a cinque Op. 5 n.9 in E minor 1:37:47
25. Concerto Op. 7 n. 1 in D major 1:42:09

26. “Te deum” preludio 1:46:06

27. Sarabande 1:47:35
28. Sarabande 1:50:46
29. Sarabande 1:52:59

30. Canzoni per 4 flauti 1:54:09

31. “La colpa il pentimento la grazia o croce unica speme” 1:56:17

32. Suite n. 1 in E min – Rondò 1:59:08
33. Suite n. 1 in E min – Un peu vivement 2:01:22

34. Balletmusic “La fasta de Versailles” Preludio 2:05:26
35. Balletmusic “Ballet des Artes” Ritornello 2:06:36
36. Balletmusic “Ballet les amours deprises” Ritornello 2:08:19
37. Balletmusic “Ballet d’Alcidiane” Ciaccona 2:09:14

38. Concert in B flat major – I Allegro 2:11:34

39. Trumpet tune and air 2:16:52

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The very best of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, Mahler, Rossini, Strauss, Verdi, Chopin, Bach, Brahms, Ravel, Grieg Ravel, Dvorák…

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  2. You are the best collector baroque Music ever!

  3. This is very good and relaxing music

  4. O muzica de excepție,cu vibrații înalte!

  5. O muzica divină!

  6. Thanks for including Charpentier.

  7. DAAAAAMN that shii fire!

  8. I can tell that doing homeworks with this music is great🤩

  9. Well It's weird that Tom & Jerry comes in mind whenever I here these baroque/classical music.

  10. MLP barqore music

  11. Without Handel it is not the best of baroque.

  12. Best music for the soul.

  13. Muy buena la Sintonia de Eurovisión en 1:45:20 (más o menos) me gustaria que me dijera alguien a que pieza pertenece y de qué autor.

  14. How can so many people dislike this?! They have Just No taste of good music. Their perception is littered by todays mostly evil trash music

  15. Here in Brazil what the media propagate are real rubbish (funk and axé)

  16. great songs … how sad it is to know that works of art like these are not valued as they should be.

  17. OMG!

  18. 아름다운 연주곡 잘 들었읍니다~감사합니다~🎵🎻🌿🍀☘🌹🌹☘🍀🌿❤❤

  19. Thank you for this upload!

  20. It's proven: listening to Baroque music while you studty helps you remember/learn best.

  21. My history teacher says that baroque music helps whit studing history 😄

  22. 1:07:30

  23. có ai Việt Nam nghe không

  24. Ukm very g …… .😴

  25. Hi, does anyone know what the first piece is called? thanks

  26. Scientifically this is supposed to be the healthiest music for you mentally and emotionally and spiritually.

  27. I really like listening to baroque music while building.
    It really helps me my CONCRETEate.

  28. 2019?

  29. İn the castlee

  30. I came to hear Bach tapdance on the harpsichord but all I hear are strings and the piano. *continues YouTube search*

  31. Need some sheet music for Trombone .

  32. I LOVE listening to this Baroque Music. I dance while I am listening to this music. Thank you very much. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your life. Dr. Marie Blair

  33. My favourite is composer is Bach and telemann and rameau

  34. 46:30 is a real meme song :)))

  35. I really love it! Listen this very i learn

  36. This music is fit for a fancy tea party!

  37. Wunderbar!

  38. In the first seconds, I thought this was Mozart's Oboe concerto, 2nd movement

    Aria Sulla Quarta Corda 04:28

  39. 58:26
    just that.

  40. Việt nam ae ơi

  41. like only one good choice on the whole track. :/

  42. Funny, how this makes me think of an English gardening program, antiques roadshow, or Agatha Christie mystery!?

  43. I ‘baroque’ my harpsichord!

  44. I love it! I listen this album when i read book. Fan from Vietnam

  45. 주님 오실 날 만!, "학수고대"
    세상사람들 심판 보는것 만 저의
    소망 이 되어서 살고 있거든요!.

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