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10 Awesome Minecraft Resource Packs That Improve The Vanilla Look

Looking for a good Minecraft resource pack that doesn’t stray too far from the vanilla look? If so, these 10 packs are exactly what you are looking for! Enjoy!

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Default 3D –

VanillaXBR –

Mickey Joe’s Relatively Improved Default –

Improved Default –

R3D Craft –

Default Improved –

BwW Texturepack –

Smooth Operator –

Realistico –

Mes’easons –



MBB — Coconuts –

Nguồn: https://phunudep24h.net

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  1. Nobdy going to talk about the fact that between 0:00 and 0:15 on the left-hand side through the hole in the hill there is an infinite amount of animals falling from the sky? XD

  2. The best texture pack is Dragonfruit here is a link: https://minecraft-resourcepacks.com/dragonfruit/
    ENJOY 🙂

  3. did anyone else notice the dropping animals in the beginning

  4. Did someone saw how sheeps was falling in the backround at the start of th vid?

  5. Why are animals falling down in the intro

  6. Me at the start seeing sheep pigs horses and cows falling from the sky o-o

  7. Wait who notice at the start that there chicken falling behind??


  9. hello asianhalfsquat.
    i just want to inform you that this video is taken and reposted (full video) without crediting you and also he doesnt say that he copied it.

  10. 6

  11. What Shader is that at the end of Realistico?

  12. It will be really nice if you join here:
    (ILL BE SO HAPPY ) blush
    thanks 😀 blush

    I really need it cuz I want nitro it's like my dream but only this will help me :/

  13. 1:23 that pigs eye is scary lmao

  14. my shaders have a custom sky and my bww texture pack also have a custom sky so when i load a world the sky is split in half of both. is there a way to remove one?

  15. Why are there sheep dying in the background

  16. i like that he goes straight to the point and not give like a 5 minute praise for each pack

    edit: hecc the vids not even 5 mins

  17. how to run defult imqdmoqsdqsd

  18. Does Default Improved work in Bedrock Edition

  19. waaah bro thx found what i want

  20. You know this actually helped

  21. nightmare pig 1:25

  22. bro what is that in the backgr 0:00

  23. 0:00–0:16 rip sheep

  24. 0:00 there are animals falling off cliffs

  25. What texture or resource pack is it that makes grass grow on the sides when there are grass next to it?

  26. my computer would explode lol

  27. anybody gunna talk about the infinite falling sheep

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