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Diablo III Dev Gave Some Anthem Advice To Bioware (On Reddit)

Fam!!! we’re back 🙂

Diablo 3 dev weighs in on whats wrong with Anthem on Reddit and many of the points, if not all of them are in our opinion exactly what Anthem needs!!

GDC Link (I remembered!!!)

Reddit Post-



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  1. Titan quest and now Grim Dawn devs made loot drops and stats very well, I'd say even better than in Diablo franchise.

  2. D3 loot 2.0 is actually worse with the ridiculous number of unnecessary difficulty levels that wants to redefine the WORD UNIQUE to something COMMON as you essentially get like 6-7 uniques from GR bosses. D3 is a average game and a terrible diablo game so people should NOT take advice from a d3 developer.

  3. Guy on right knows what he is talking about guy on left just likes to hear himself talk

  4. This is boring. I came here for the pitchforks.

  5. Wildlands had that at end game, it just became so hard it wasn't fun, anything looking at you the wrong way one shot you.

  6. Omg Ralph you're such a lewd lewt farmer. Sam I can tell isn't really all about it, but you are obviously a fellow survival/farmer masochist like myself.

  7. Borderlands is still the best looter shooter. Done properly, borderlands 3 is the only game i'd prefer to be 'live service'…. But…. Yakno.

  8. Can't wait for borderlands 3 to show them how its done!!

  9. Anyone else hearing static feedback occasionally in the video worried their headphones were breaking. Only to rewind and hear the same sound in the same place several times and realize its the video

  10. Damn. Link to the music at the end? I dont remember what its from but its amazing!

  11. En julle bly nog steeds 'n klomp poeste

  12. Halo on Legendary was normal mode!!! Just with skulls on, in legendary, one can say he/she played hard!
    sniffles in virgin

  13. Love the music at the end. More please!

  14. sorry no offence, but was looking for video that give clarification without 13min its just boring. and yes I do found many place that give the answer. Thank you for wasting my 13min.

  15. Same!!

  16. But didn't this game have a 5-6yr production behind it? Why wasn't this hammered out during the Beta?

  17. This is why you don't buy live service games at launch

  18. Inb4 that Diablo 3 developer got permabanned too.

  19. legendary halo 2…. the ptsd is real

  20. doesnt matter cause no one who spends their own money is down for a fucking EA subscription they all just went to Apex instead this game might be awesome but only pussy ass little boys and try hards are playing it!

  21. This is what happens when you hire software developers, instead of game devs, to make a game. Unless they have some experience with making games in the first place, you get Anthem. Also, QA, QA , QA! It seems like Bioware completely ignored this process.

    I also wouldn't be surprised if this game was actually scrapped and rebuilt in the last 2 years because it looks and plays like a game that has gone through this kind of development hell. 6 years and this is what you put out? Something smells off here.

  22. Sam's comments are the most worthless, uneducated gaming comments in all Youtube.

  23. Ffs Sam, nightmare mode?

  24. Bioware even failed to implement a micro-transaction store with anything remotely compelling to buy. So it's no surprise that they completely failed to implement a compelling endgame.

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