I tried first class on an overnight cruise ship with the room being a traditional Japanese Ryokan Hotel! Follow Me for a chance to win:
This transportation was truly a unique travel experience that combined budget travel with a feeling of first class travel! The ryokan room felt almost like a capsule hotel experience with having my own traditional Japanese space. For me I enjoyed this traditional cruise experience over airplane travel as I was able to take in the views, eat delicious japanese food such as fried chicken, discover vending machines on the boat and embrace the Japanese culture. Comment below if you would like me to do another cruise ship experience on things such as, overnight travel, luxury experiences (like the largest cruise ship in the world), or any other railway ideas! Enjoy this travel, luxury experience and accommodation of a video!

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Official rules for the giveaway
– Must follow my Instagram @iamlivingbobby
– You can enter from anywhere in the world, and I will come meet you there for a day and the other one is the same rules, but win a travel backpack!
– I will cover all expenses of flying to your dream destination
– Entries end Dec. 24th (travel one) and Jan. 1st (backpack) at 9AM – EST

That amazing Music:
First Song and dramatic scene (click to get FREE trial):
All the rest: dyalla (travellin) and LAKEY INSPIRED


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  1. I went to mexicos cruises two times it's so FUN!!

  2. probs don't even care but i get so high and watxh all ur vids keep being you love ur channel

  3. Can you go to libya🌹

  4. who else thought bout train to busan?

  5. Go to serbia

  6. Tokyo

  7. He is just the best travel vlogger out there and he should be having much more audience.

  8. His smile makes me smile

  9. I love living bobby!!!

  10. I love this

  11. For a sec he was literally deadbobby XD

  12. @livingbobby, did you realize that the "Seat" was a pillow? LOL

  13. Bobby is that sweet and kind guy everyone likes and i love his video's because of it

  14. This video didn't age well…

  15. Any girls watching this feeling awkward?

  16. Who else hates it when they watch a video giveaway way past its due date :/

  17. Lol

  18. What is the brand of that backpack? I want one…

  19. Omg I love that look of that chicken

  20. I love Japanese ferries and been in all of them..They also have a high speed hovercraft ship called bettle and it goes from fukuoka to Busan in 3 hours. but the best ferry is shin nihon kai from Honshu to Hokkaido. Hokkaido of course is the best..
    busan is the best city in south korea lived there for a year…

  21. Great vids dude, keep it up! And did you get that music from Casey neistat?

  22. When u said good morning it was like 5-6

  23. I did it

  24. Yo awesome dude.

  25. 3:51 lol

  26. How much money 💵 u will make every month something 10k

  27. Awesomely

  28. Awesome

  29. At 12:03 he didn't finish the sentence lol

  30. How much?

  31. AHH ty little kid eyes in the spa!!

  32. lol

  33. why does this guy like to be naked in front of the camra

  34. I think you should buy a gimbal to make your vid more stabilise…

  35. Lol I am Korean

  36. Go to austrailia

  37. Idk but I’m getting naruto vibes when he is in his room

  38. h

  39. 8:42 dont show this on a christian youtube vid😂

  40. I have to agree

  41. I love how bobby eats everything he orders even if it is alot

  42. when you dont know when to stop thanking the person who helped you, "sweet, awesome, ok thank you. i know im just commenting this when its like a few months old i still wanna comment.

  43. 6:11 the fork like why you didnt pick me :'(

  44. You just got subscribed dude

  45. i love you

  46. Bobby is ur zodiac Sagittarius? Cause sagittarius lovee adventuring of you are then im the same zodiac as yours!

  47. tell me why I thought of train to busan and titanic

  48. Done

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