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How To Download And Install Safari For Windows 10,8,& 7 | RoH TeChZ

Hello Guys, Today I Will Show You How To Download And Install Safari In Windows 10,8,& 7…

Download Safari Browser ➟

Alternative Link ➟

♛ Note: This Is Not The Latest Version As Apple Has Not Yet Updated This 5.1.7 Version Of Safari For Windows..


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  1. i downloaded a lot of programs to make my windows 10 look like a mac and this tutorial just made it even better thanks a lotttt

  2. Hindi

  3. Thx a lot u peace of f### u indian scammer I fail for it. And guess what… MY FRICKED SYSTEM 32 GOT DELETED I HAD TO FIX IT AND IT TOOK 2 MONTHS THX ALOT B####

  4. actually work tysm :3

  5. dislike

  6. I was going to download safari to see if I can use crave tv on it, as I can not sign in using any other web browser but it works on my phone using safari

  7. virus safari app me hai kya

  8. I clicked the add on your video, how interesting is their advice.
    Thank you!

  9. I will never download Safari from someone called filehippo… Please put malware on my computer.
    ps. The Music Sux

  10. I use Microsoft edge

  11. Don't download!!! It's useless, you can only go on apple.com and google, that's it.

  12. Almost 10 years old and still faster than Chrome and Firefox………… Dam shame.

  13. Chrome is better

  14. Safari sucks

  15. mmmm

  16. Asked one of my intern to test the website on Safari browser, she downloaded a 2008 versionon Windows to test the site, while we got a Mac sitting in the office. :facepalm:

  17. holy shit safia is 7 years out of date, stop using it

  18. Ну не хочет это аппл чтоб вы пользовались сафари. Ну и сдохни торгаш , не хочешь как хочешь, вали .
    Есть другие браузеры. А что касается левых сайтов, качать – это небезопасно от перекупщиков вашей деятельности, товаров и услуг в сети, я вам скажу. За вас свое продадут а вы и знать не будете.

  19. DON'T USE IT. IT'S SAFARI 5 FROM 2010!

  20. Thank you 🙂

  21. get the safari for pc
    click here http://coginator.com/fIj

  22. to get new 2017 winzip software

  23. Thank'you so much

  24. Thank you x-o!

  25. whats you recoder name ?

  26. Awesome



  29. which app you have used to record your screen

  30. is it safe to download on filehippo?

  31. man thx for help now i cna ue my sinpack mac and use real safari and i changed picture to safari 8 thx man like and sub

  32. After my Firefox didnt work i choosed too use Safari.

  33. You can not run the video on youtube ? 🙁

  34. Umm.. what screen recorder you used? xD it have time limits? or no?
    Please tell me,bc i really need a good recorder for my videos.

  35. thanks dude you help me

  36. It Helped! but i can't watch a video! the video scrren is just black! Please help

  37. thanks dude, u just got urself a sub

  38. Gracias! Me funciono (:

  39. Great Dude! Really Helps! Totally Deserves a Sub and thumbs up! May I Ask u,Wht recorder r u using?

  40. Thanks this Really Helps a LOT!

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