How to download Red Alert 3 Full Version For Free


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Win Rar 32-bit:

Win Rar 64-bit:

Also Special Thanks to Danish Big Bang for the video suggestion link to his channel:


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  1. Props to you! It took me awhile to do this right but it works!

    For those who gets a black screen after starting up the game, turn off your wifi or unplug your ethernet.

    Also, don't put it on programs and programsx86.


  2. bro after i finish installing its say need to install least one language pack where can download it? replay ASAP

  3. This has a long black screen menu. I block ra3.exe from internet and yet they still exist unless i removed my ethernet cable

  4. game has issue "no Language Pack installed" and won't startup apart from this issue everything fine can't find any working solution to this

  5. Help , mine is saying SetUp failed always , it worked 1 time and after extracting in 70% it said again SetUp Failed

  6. how do i unistall it cause i click the delete_game.reg file it just said "added to registry" but idk after what to do

  7. Thank's Dude this vedio is very helful for me…. I installed this game easily… Keep doing this great work 👍👍…
    Also guide us how to download GTA V on pc…
    Thank's Again..

  8. Be advice that you must turn-off your internet connection so that the game will run properly. Otherwise it will be a 5 minute black screen.

  9. Hey THE_WILDONE4_ALL i downloaded the game but there's thing called adaware antivirus why is it included and it slows down my pc?

  10. also theres no virus the anti virus just keep warning u thats sit seriously theres no virus it worked for me use avast antivirus and don't pay for anything lol im sure it worked xd


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