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How to download Red Alert 3 Full Version For Free

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Win Rar 32-bit:

Win Rar 64-bit:

Also Special Thanks to Danish Big Bang for the video suggestion link to his channel:

Nguồn: https://phunudep24h.net

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://phunudep24h.net/tong-hop/

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  1. Don't install the patch Game wont work if you install the update

  2. Idol, pa request naman ng UFC 3 PC Version. Thanks in advance and more powers 😀

  3. But the movie is cant be skip

  4. PROBLEM : its unmoddable

  5. obnoxious music but good walkthrough

  6. When it says the com star thing when I click ok it freezes

  7. currently……..

  8. I want to patch it is there any way?

  9. i followed every step here but the game says i should atleast install one language pack..

  10. Fakeeee dont try thiss

  11. I think it is only working in 32 bit. tama ba ako??

  12. Props to you! It took me awhile to do this right but it works!

    For those who gets a black screen after starting up the game, turn off your wifi or unplug your ethernet.

    Also, don't put it on programs and programsx86.


  13. Thanks. You saved my childhood.

  14. Do you know a Link with the Expansion pack, uprising?

  15. I got problem with "Language" pack issue so any help ?

  16. Can you donwload mods on this version? Can you make a tutorial about it

  17. bro after i finish installing its say need to install least one language pack where can download it? replay ASAP

  18. does it work with network multiplayer?

  19. This has a long black screen menu. I block ra3.exe from internet and yet they still exist unless i removed my ethernet cable

  20. can in ask mine is asking to set one language but i didn't encounter any of those

  21. can i install this on windows

  22. game has issue "no Language Pack installed" and won't startup apart from this issue everything fine can't find any working solution to this

  23. Im stuck at “delete game, extract archieve and run setup again” help me please

  24. this game won't work if your connected to internet.. even if the game is not online mode..

  25. it gave me no language pack installed

  26. Code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_35.dll was no found. Help man

  27. Help , mine is saying SetUp failed always , it worked 1 time and after extracting in 70% it said again SetUp Failed

  28. I just got a black screen after I into the game…

  29. How to run this on windows 10?

  30. Walang virus yan?

  31. how do i unistall it cause i click the delete_game.reg file it just said "added to registry" but idk after what to do

  32. can i play this games online ???

  33. FACK YOU MAN !!

  34. Everyone this is fake video don't download this I have wasted my 3 hours bcz of this !

  35. Thank's Dude this vedio is very helful for me…. I installed this game easily… Keep doing this great work 👍👍…
    Also guide us how to download GTA V on pc…
    Thank's Again..

  36. Be advice that you must turn-off your internet connection so that the game will run properly. Otherwise it will be a 5 minute black screen.

  37. Keyword: currently ("guys" excluded)

  38. Hey THE_WILDONE4_ALL i downloaded the game but there's thing called adaware antivirus why is it included and it slows down my pc?

  39. so you can't use mods

  40. also theres no virus the anti virus just keep warning u thats sit seriously theres no virus it worked for me use avast antivirus and don't pay for anything lol im sure it worked xd

  41. Ehm does it work on mods ?

  42. thx you it realy work;)
    2gb vry nice 😉

  43. +rep brutha :3

  44. are you sure that this is safe it makes me hesitate because i read that there was a trojan virus

  45. I think you india

  46. Can we play LAN with this?

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