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Install QuickTime on Windows 10

This Video will show you A step-by-step description of How to Install QuickTime on Windows 10 to do that just follow this simple steps:
1- Open Browser to Download QuickTime
2- Click on Download Now and the download will start shortly
3- Click on View Downloads OR Go to File Explorer then Download Folder
4-Right-click on the file “QuickTimeInstaller” then choose “WinZip or WinRAR”
5- Then Click on “Extract to folder”
6- After Extract Finish open QuickTimeInstaller folder
7- You should now have a folder have 4 files
8-Double Click on AppleApplicationSupport file and click “OK”, “Installt” etc. until the install finishes
9-Double Click on AppleSoftwareUpdate file and click “OK”, “I accept” etc. until the install finishes
10-from Application List Run “Apple Software Update”
11-Wait until the software finish Checking for new software
12-Check on QuickTime Then Click on “Install”
13-you can open QuickTime application using the shortcut file created on your desktop or using Windows search

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  1. thanks xx

  2. This a virus?

  3. This was driving me crazy… What REALLY worked for me is to install much older version.

    7.7.3 is working on Windows 10 without any workarounds (just next, next, next).


  4. 2019 anyone? Like if yes

  5. Did EVERYTHING shown in the video, and it was looking like it was gonna work, but still didn't. :,(

  6. thanks for breif explain!!!!

  7. it doesnt show quicktime in the Apple software Update and I fully updated Apple software it only shows icloud

  8. Can I screen record my iPad with this?

  9. thank you!!

  10. can we record with it?

  11. I have installed it but what if someone don’t have an iPhone charger can it work

  12. how to use quicktime on windows 10?

  13. Does it record stuff for u?

  14. i download it 2 time xD

  15. Just gave up on it, and installed an old version, QT 6.5.2, runs fine.

  16. What does quicktime do? Says I need it for after effects

  17. Thanks! Appreciate it!

  18. How do you update quick time I don’t see it on the apple support thing


  20. this didnt work for me at all

  21. it says something about repair or remove >.>

  22. Fenk ju+

  23. Hey man , my name is Leonardo and i'm from Brazil, your tutorial helped me a lot, but personally i think that you should specify more in your tutorial that the person need to install the quicktime before going to update, otherwise it dosent show in the list with iCloud etc… (Maybe its kind of obvious, but still…) . Anyway, thanks a lot, i never considered doing the zip thing, a would straight up isntall it before doing it 😛

  24. Thanks!

  25. But thank you for watching me not thank you for uploading the video

  26. Everything was going smooth until you said we had to update QuickTime from the Apple Software Update (2:02), buuut..there's no new updates for me. ;((

  27. Windows Isnt supportedby apple quictime no more

  28. But what if i dont have winzip?

  29. Thank you!

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