JFB performance: Denon DJ SC6000M Media Players & X1850 Professional DJ mixer


Introducing our new SC6000M motorized platter, professional DJ media player and uncompromised 4-channel X1850 DJ Mixer. The SC6000M features a glorious 10.1” HD touchscreen, Wi-Fi streaming, internal HDD drive bay, large 8.5” motorized jog-wheel, plus performance pads with sophisticated design illumination. The technologically-advanced, DJ-booth centrepiece X1850 mixer, represents an incredible technical and creative experience for 4-channel, pro-grade audio, mainstage DJ mixing and scratching as showcased by the 3x UK DMC champion, JFB.



SC6000 Media Player:
SC6000M Media Player:
X1850 Media Player:

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  1. Don't like the look of these new jog wheel platters. These look terrible! What happened to keeping the sides like Technics turntables. These new click buttons won't last. My denon 3900 CD players cue buttons stop working after awhile. Denon needs a lot of improvements done to get these new players right! You better treats these new units with lots of baby care! All new DJ gear are made cheaper & cheaper each passing year! Old school DJ equipment will still last you forever! Cheaply made, crap components! & So dam expensive! Not right not good!

  2. The mobile Dj scene is cool. But not my thing. An iPad app is enough for me. I believe the innovative thing about mobile is the mods. Denon needs to put a fader built in with effects on the Prime series. You already read probably working or made it. Just put it out and stop acting greedy. Geez. Mixers don’t have to exist anymore. Stop the BS.

  3. I made the switch from turntables/S9 to a full SC5000 set up a few weeks ago and let me just say… I’M NOT GOING BACK. #DENONDJ

  4. Love the unit. Serato + Standalone is killer. But compared to e.g. the Pioneer DDJ-800/1000(SRT) the Jog Displays look immature and should be enhanced by adding: 
    1) a refined position rotation marker (more segments = smoother animation)
    2) current cue-point for beat juggling (add a gap between rotation ring and cover art)
    3) track time, bpm and pitch in the center (can still be toggled with cover art if desired)
    Compared to the competition your jog displays have so much more potential! So please Denon give us an according update for the Prime 2, 4 and the SC5000/6000! Thank you! I gonna change my rider, too✌️


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