Mega Man X8 PC Download


This is Mega Man X8 PC version. It runs very smoothly.
You’ll need a serial key : MX66-1826-1559-7985
Winrar to unrar
Daemon Tools Lite to mount

I cleaned it up a bit so that it’s easier for all of you. Follow the installation text document I included for assistance in installing the game, and ask me for help if you get stuck or it doesn’t work.

Some of you were saying you were having the game crash every time you tried opening the game. I have not had this problem so all I can think of is 3 things:
1: You installed it wrong, try re-installing it.
2: You can try right clicking it and starting it as administrator, that has helped me open many non-responsive games.
3: If you have not applied the crack to the installation directory (C:Program FilesCAPCOM
MEGAMANX8) then this is the problem. Here is a download link for the crack, it says rockman instead of megaman for I don’t know why but it doesn’t change anything in the game:

Many thanks to this guy that made an awesome tutorial for you guys to help in installing the game. If you would be so kind, could you subscribe to him please? Here’s the tutorial he made:

And I apologize, I’m pretty terrible at Mega Man games. I still love most of them though.

Hope you enjoy!


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  1. The 2D assets have much better scaling on PC here. If you look at PS2 (and Legacy collection 2 to an extent), the text and images look awful.

  2. Anyone know which megaman x games are best on pc and which would be better in an emulator such as pcsx2 or zsnes?

  3. The real order: E.Trilobyte, G. Man-O-War, A. Yeti, B. Rooster, (there, all the infuriating auto-scrolling levels are outta the way), B. Pandemonium, O. Sunflower, D. Mantis, G. Antonion.

  4. How do i change the controls in the files? The ingame control settings wont let me bind space or anything on the mouse.

  5. It says the exe file has stopped working although I've replaced the original exe file with the crack file… Help me please.


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