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MegaMan X8 (Zero: Kaiser Knuckle Run) Hard mode

MegaMan X8 Challenge
Hard mode
(Zero Knuckle Only)
Note: Crabs-y requires the third slash of zero’s combo to break it shield.

00:21 Noah’s Park (Crabboss-Y)
04:10 Dynasty (Gigavolt Manowar)
06:57 Pitch Black (Dark Mantis)
10:51 Primrose (Gravity Antonion)
14:26 Central White (Avalance Yeti)
20:10 Inferno (Burn Rooster)
27:45 Metal Valley (Earthrock Trilobyte)
33:06 Booster Forest (Bambo Pandamonium)
37:05 Troia Base (Optic Sunflower)

43:34 Jakob (Vile)
48:52 Gateway (Boss Rush) Sigma Copy
58:22 Sigma Palace (Sigma & Lumine)

1:02:51 Lumine Final form

Rockman X8 gameplay using only zero with the kaiser knuckle as weapon on hard difficulty.
Thanks for watching, Leave a comment & Long live to Megaman!

Nguồn: https://phunudep24h.net

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  1. Zero with K-knuckles is basically his way of saying F U to every maverick in the history of Megaman

    I can use B-fan all day but K-knuckles is a big no to me :v

  2. Awesome!!!!

  3. 1:04:10 start panicking

  4. we need some more hits on this weapon, the idle normal 2 hits is kinda bad to do stuff like break barriers or even punch

  5. There’s a reason why he’s the strongest reploid

  6. 8:34 I can’t help but think about the intro to Mega Man Zero 2

    “This isn’t fun anymore.”

  7. Can we praise the player itself?

  8. I still don't know how you make zero fly

  9. KUNG FU!? KARATE!? NICE play gamn

  10. Wow, you really are amazing, probably the best Megaman Player I've watched. I was really searching for a full walkthrough of K Knuckles. Maybe you could do a B Fan Layer, it doesn't matter if you take damage. I just want B Fan Layer. Thanks.

  11. This is insane!

  12. How else did Zero kill Mega, and all the Robot masters? He didn't get his Z saber till X3.

  13. Now in 2020, we have 69 mavericks who got ass kicked disliked this. But how did you use rasetsusen to the upper left?

  14. 6:03 heart beats faster

  15. K-Knuckle Zero = Hokuto no Zero

    Now just imagine Zero saying "Omae wa mou shindeiru" at every boss.

  16. Zero: "I'mma show dem Mavericks these hands

  17. Megaman x8 zero hammer speed run pls


  19. This is why x8 Zero is my favorite…weapon variations

  20. 27:10 WTF happened?

  21. Whats the cheat code for this because this is really cool?

  22. How do you get Rank S X Maverick Hunter

  23. Its was diffrent than megaman zero 4

  24. How can get this skills …?

  25. It will be cool to see a megaman zero4 z knuckle only run

  26. Mega Man X8 & Knuckles

  27. I don’t even need my saber for such an easy fight.

  28. zero usando el "kaiser kanucles" hum , donde habre visto esto antes ….. claro XDXDXD , quien se cree ese zero ¿mazinkaiser?

  29. jujaju

  30. 27:13 wait what? XD zero is lava jesus


  32. Local gay man destroys animals during pride month by fisting


  34. Z Saber left the chat…

  35. Moral of the video:
    There is always someone better than you.

  36. tatsumaki senpukyaku

  37. I was childhood I really love this game and now i still love it…..i waiting megaman x9

  38. 27:10 wtf how (•o•)

  39. Hard Mode made Easy

  40. ZERO X8

  41. Zero
    Bustin' out them street fighter moves

  42. More like Martial Arts Zero xD or Street Fighter: Zero Edition xD

  43. 我看見神了

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