MegaMan X8 (Zero: Kaiser Knuckle Run) Hard mode


MegaMan X8 Challenge
Hard mode
(Zero Knuckle Only)
Note: Crabs-y requires the third slash of zero’s combo to break it shield.

00:21 Noah’s Park (Crabboss-Y)
04:10 Dynasty (Gigavolt Manowar)
06:57 Pitch Black (Dark Mantis)
10:51 Primrose (Gravity Antonion)
14:26 Central White (Avalance Yeti)
20:10 Inferno (Burn Rooster)
27:45 Metal Valley (Earthrock Trilobyte)
33:06 Booster Forest (Bambo Pandamonium)
37:05 Troia Base (Optic Sunflower)

43:34 Jakob (Vile)
48:52 Gateway (Boss Rush) Sigma Copy
58:22 Sigma Palace (Sigma & Lumine)

1:02:51 Lumine Final form

Rockman X8 gameplay using only zero with the kaiser knuckle as weapon on hard difficulty.
Thanks for watching, Leave a comment & Long live to Megaman!


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  1. Zero with K-knuckles is basically his way of saying F U to every maverick in the history of Megaman

    I can use B-fan all day but K-knuckles is a big no to me :v

  2. we need some more hits on this weapon, the idle normal 2 hits is kinda bad to do stuff like break barriers or even punch

  3. 8:34 I can’t help but think about the intro to Mega Man Zero 2

    “This isn’t fun anymore.”

  4. Wow, you really are amazing, probably the best Megaman Player I've watched. I was really searching for a full walkthrough of K Knuckles. Maybe you could do a B Fan Layer, it doesn't matter if you take damage. I just want B Fan Layer. Thanks.

  5. Now in 2020, we have 69 mavericks who got ass kicked disliked this. But how did you use rasetsusen to the upper left?

  6. zero usando el "kaiser kanucles" hum , donde habre visto esto antes ….. claro XDXDXD , quien se cree ese zero ¿mazinkaiser?


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