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Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Official Video)

Taken from The Game, 1980, Forever, 2014 and Greatest Video Hits 1′.

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Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Official Video)

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  1. Am I the only preson that thinks that the hands coming out of the floor are creepy af?
    Still is a great song 🙂

  2. ha

  3. Freddy Mercury

  4. Que performance

  5. Readehh fredddriee!!!!??

  6. I like that he says ready freddie in the song u will only understand if u know Freddie mercury

  7. We gotta admit it, this was the one song that we knew a Kid, but didn’t know the band Queen or knew who Freddie Mercury was.

  8. No le entiendo nada like si no le entiendes y eres mecicano

  9. The 13th doctor dancing at Amy Pond’s wedding.

  10. "ME GUSTA EL TENNIS" Algún latino por aqui? xd

  11. He was so incredibly sexy

  12. tributo de la reyna al rey

  13. freddie i am crazy for you

  14. Elvis Presley e Fred Mercury é tudo🎙🎶😎

  15. GO HEAD, FREDDIE !!!!!

  16. Freddy Mercury sexy

  17. simplemente si

  18. Imagine being that woman😍

  19. Intemporel Génial Magique C est le meilleur

  20. The bass 100%
    The drums 100%
    The guitar 100%
    The singing 100%
    Freddie 100%
    Brian 100%
    John 100%
    Roger 100%
    This song 100%
    This band 10000000000000000000000000%!!!!!!

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