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Radio Commander – Vietnam Strategy Radio Ops Sim

Radio Commander Gameplay with Splat! Let’s Play Radio Commander and check out a game where you’ll be on the horn and on the line to keep your men safe as they dig deep across Vietnam!

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  1. USE ENGAGE!!! So frustrating lol….why do you think the engage option is there?? …*pulling ones hair*
    Very nice game. Thank you for the gameplay, even if you suck. 😉

  2. 'we're already burning down hoochies'…

    a young woman who has many casual sexual partners or who dresses or behaves in a sexually provocative way.

  3. one day we'll get to play as the good guys in Vietnam

  4. Liked your review, easy to follow along and it seemed you were learning with us 🙂

  5. As a Vietnamese, i'm speechless.

  6. Awww narrator sounds like Bill Paxton 🙁

  7. All I'm saying is napalm sticks to kids

  8. Wow, the dialogue is really bad. Didn't the devs talk to their fathers, you know the ones who actually were there? It's not ancient history.

    They can't even get the basics right. You don't call for a "status report". You call for a https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/sitrep That's just one example.

  9. 0:39 "Your primary objective is to win the hearts and minds of the south vietnamese people."
    As always… will we ever see a game with body count missions: "Your primary objective is to kill as many vietnamese people as possible. Women, children, doesn't matter! If they're dead they count as VC." 🙁

  10. In a game like this natural professional voice lines are a MUST and this just doesn't deliver its horribly robotic .

  11. This game looks like a lot of fun.

  12. Def want to see more of this game

  13. That one 'niner' kinda gets in your head after a while

  14. Please make this a series . You are very good at this and your commentary makes the game more entertaining to watch.

  15. Did they really talk this much on the radio? Those are paragraphs and paragraphs of text

  16. why do you feel the need to read us all the directions to play. cut that shit out

  17. 28:40 I think a platoon has like 40 guys in it. Give, or take. But IDK what this game put it at :/

    But, 10 guys. That's got to be a "section" size of unit (a "section" is basically a large squad….I think)

  18. I love how Splat’s cartography experience is coming into play, him being all tactical and stuff

  19. This was really fun to watch, I'd love to see more

  20. After 1min: "seems like first mission is about dropping napalm to local rice fields!"

  21. 🖤

  22. It is rather impressive : much harder to design/produce than might seem.

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