Slotomania Mighty Silver $50B Bet (Game Request)


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SPECIAL NOTE: Sloto Cards are first comments, first served. The first 5 people to submit their request will receive the Sloto Cards; all other comments thereafter will not qualify. The 5 people limit is a rule set by Playtika/Slotomania. If you do not submit your card request comment in time, please try again the next day; refrain from cursing or leaving negative comment(s). I appreciate every single one of my subscribers/fans. Please be patient and good luck to us all.

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If you have a slot machine you’re dying to see max bet, please add a comment below and as soon as I have more coins, I will take your request and play for yah…

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please understand that due to cards scarcity and high demand, you must be an active channel subscriber, like and comment on the videos regularly to qualify. Keep in mind that the Gold and Ace cards cannot be sent, as they are restricted by Slotomania. Of course, pending availability and daily limit. Please do not message me on Messenger or leave a comment requesting Sloto Cards without first following all the rules. 

Thanks for your understanding and happy spinning!


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  1. Hello From North Windy Day In Texas, Oh Lord The Kiddos Do Not Like You Loosing Tork, I Enjoy All The Editing You Do, I Know That Takes Up A Lot Of Your Time. Just To Let You Know It Doe's Not Go Unnoticed By This Texas Woman 😊 😊. Well Done 😀😀😀, Have A Nice Weekend , I'll be Watching For Ya😊😊😊, Good Day For Now.

  2. Hi Tork ! Yeahh Man ! I hope you got lucky and grab a lot of coins. Maybe I only still need Martha, Planet sweetness, Firecracker and Nymphoria or so ! Have a nice Day and all the best wishes from Germany !!!!!!

  3. Well seems how I’m first I will say this people when you come into here to watch his videos well I don’t think you’re watching videos I think you’re in here just to get cards when you come in here to get cards from him you do not ask for a certain card OK it’s hard enough for him to have to give out five cards to five people that’s not easy for him to do that that’s a lot of work that goes into that OK cause he’s got to he’s going to make the video edit the video and then he’s going to do everything else and he still has the family he’s going to attend to that’s his business his privacy I’m not gonna get into that my point is don’t ask for a certain card and changed are we all need the same cards we all need firecracker we all knew that boo cardSo to come in here and ask for something like that it’s just it’s not helpful OK we all need it just because he plays a lot it doesn’t mean he wins all kind of cards that we don’t get just be happy that it gives you five cards but remember like subscribe comment down below and share this video with everybody else that you know don’t be selfish and coming in here wanting cards thank you


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