The Luxurious $1600 Per Night Cruise Ship Suite

This amazing cruise ship suite was pricey as hell, but in the end it seemed worth it to me! It was the most luxurious cruise we’ve ever had, and we’ve been on 39 cruises, so far.

I loved having our own private Jacuzzi on our balcony, and big picture windows in our suite. The most surprising thing was how much I enjoyed having a butler! I didn’t think I was a butler kind of guy. But it was great to call him up one afternoon when we had a craving for chips and salsa… and have him show up a few minutes later to deliver it, without us even having to leave the Jacuzzi. On another day, we just didn’t feel like leaving the cabin for dinner, so he served a delicious steak dinner to us in our suite.

We loved this suite so much that we never left the ship in any of the ports of call… we just stayed onboard and enjoyed relaxing in our big suite and out on the balcony in the Jacuzzi.

At 2:10 in to the video, check out the cool back flip by the dancing guy!

There are two “Deluxe Owners Suites” on the Norwegian Pearl. This particular one was cabin 15000, known as the Black Pearl Suite.

I should also mention that the price of the room fluctuates depending on demand. For cruises during a high-demand time such as Christmas week, it’s more like $2000 per night.

Most of this video was shot with a DJI Osmo image-stabilized camera.


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  1. Is that rate per person??

  2. The best part of this video was the guy doing a back flip and dancing. Did anyone else notice this?

  3. Anyone else suddenly checking this stuff out since we cant cruise anymore

  4. wow! all that seems worth the money

  5. 30 something cruises? Lol, my parents have been on over 130! Great video though!

  6. You're AMAZING!!!

  7. Umm wtf lol 2:09

  8. we Norwegian know what we are doing

  9. I loved to cruise on Disney ships.

  10. interesting:). i believe in experiences, not owning things. just experiencing room like that would be more than enough:). considering my monthly calary is one nights price, they dont sell for one night probably though:D
    haha, love the dancers down there:D, some good moves

  11. It also on the Norwegian Gem and the Norwegian pearl and Norwegian star and the Norwegian Jade and the Norwegian Jewel and the Norwegian Down

  12. Green walls?

  13. I love this Luxurious suite.

  14. You did excellent job on his video! I press like and I share every time I get a chance!

  15. Say Mr Zimmerlan, this looks nice also 👍🏾

  16. Cool

  17. The guy bottom right dancing 2:09

  18. we were sitting at the bar across from this suite and got a nude show from a woman going in and out of that Jacuzzi… funny…either didn't know people could see her or didn't care….we were still in port on the Pearl

  19. Well I was thinking about calling and making reservations but they serve Pepsi products. I like Diet Coke.

  20. Is that old lady single? I need a sugar mama. lol

  21. If you want to spend $1600 a night, this is not the ship or cruise line to do it on.

  22. Dated? It looks like Elvis Graceland

  23. can't wait to stay

  24. 2:12 look at the dude on the very right dancing LMAO

  25. Love your videos Jim. A lot of these comments irk me.

    1. This video was uploaded in 2017, so yes the room would seem dated by today’s standards. But guess what people, they do update the rooms.
    2. Do your research before you complain that this is an outrageous price/night. It’s actually not for full service, space, private oasis.
    3. Jim is just showing his experience. He’s not forcing you to buy anything.

  26. I'll take it…. putting it on my Bucket List

  27. $1600 per night,, well if i was a multi billionar , i could efford such service each year, all day long,hahaha.

  28. Looks very dated.

  29. For Pirates of the Caribbean you can say you stayed on The Black Pearl. 🤣

  30. 1600 really isn't bad. 4 days for $6400? If you're smart with you money a $60k salary can afford that.

  31. It’s stupid to pay that much money for a place that I’m going to sleep and get ready in.

  32. I love how I can tell that’s it a Norwegian Cruise for the first shot

  33. Literally thought this was a commercial

  34. Why don't you just charter a motoryacht???? Idiot!!!!!

  35. Nah…I would never pay 1/2 that price per night for a place to sleep…
    1600 is my monthly house payment
    And your liquor came with a charge…lol

  36. You almost had me until you said free Pepsi instead of Coke.

  37. Looks trashy to be honest in regards to the regular rooms and hang out areas.

  38. Only a moron would pay 1600/ night to sleep. Rich or not, that’s just stupid.

  39. If you can afford a $1600 a night cruise ship room, you can probably afford your own yacht, or at least afford to rent a whole yacht for a few days

  40. Wow, what amazing accommodations!
    Kudos to those who are able to enjoy cruising in such luxury, pretty cool.

  41. Your voice sounds like how I imagine melted chocolate sounds 👍

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