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VOCAL COACH Reacts to TXT – Can't You See Me? (Official MV)

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  1. hey justin, i just watched their live performance of this on both mtv and on sbs inkigayo and you can hear their live vocals so well in both performances. if you wanna watch, i recommend those two stages because i know you appreciate live vocals 🙂

  2. uwu I hope Taehyun sees this. He's currently being bashed for singing a short cover of a song I believe it is "Episode" by Gallant on Twitter. He's been doing his best improving his vocals.

  3. Justine: that transition!
    waves in Eternally

  4. Tbh how you interpret the song was the same way I first interpreted it. And it's close to the real meaning as well.

  5. Justin just said "blood sweat and tears" to denote the word 'effort'…. Really justin??

  6. if u haven't yet u should react stray kids. they r literally amazing….

  7. You should listen to this whole album it's absolutely beautiful

  8. I listen to your song and it is sooooooooooOooooOoOOO goooooood!!!!

  9. “fairy of shampoo” next PLEASE, IT’S THE SONG YOU WANT TO HEAR!!!

    and also yES, THEY’RE GROWING UP 😭

  10. please react to their new album "eternity" (especially to the "maze in the mirror", "fairy of shampoo" and "eternity") and the cover of "in my blood" that they did :3

  11. Me: fangirling throughout the whole MV

  12. Hey!! I'd really like it if you react to "fairy of shampoo" by txt. I'm pretty sure you'll love it!!

  13. TXT did say these songs would be more suitable for girls cause of them high notes

  14. Plz listen to “Maze in the Mirror” by TXT ( it’s my favorite song out of the album, but honestly the whole album is amazing.)

  15. When I saw that you reacted to this I clicked immediately

  16. Justin React to Haaye Dil by Jimmy Khan … please React to this song please… btw it’s a Pakistani song ❤️🇵🇰❤️❤️💜💜💕💕

  17. Please you should listen to their cover :
    – In my blood
    – Song cry

    And also their album ! You'll like it

  18. What about reacting to mv bts suga 😛

  19. react to
    Agust d daechwita

  20. Pls react on DAECHWITA by Agust D

  21. This song/album is part of their The Dream Chapter series and this one is about their friendship which was made in the previous albums is changing but they still want to keep the emotion and memories with each other. I don’t know If I worded this well but this is how txt explained it in their full comeback show on M2

  22. You should check out Dreamcatcher Scream or Deja Vu. Two older groups I would recommend are Secret an 9Muses, for Secret I'm in Love (2014) and 9Muses Remember(2017).

  23. Please react to that video! That's VIXX' Main Vocalist Ken's new song.(Not the titletrack, but amazing vocals)

  24. Love this video! Please react to Roya Park's cover of I love you 3000 too. Thank you so much. https://youtu.be/9TGCs9DeC1c

  25. Please react to fairy of shampoo by txt 🥺🥺

  26. i think you'll love Fairy of Shampoo by TXT please react to ittt

  27. Justin, react to bts outro tear, especially the live performance, cant wait for ur reaction, love all of it especially your voice💜

    Heck yeah the link – https://youtu.be/UJSDI8iYh6Y

  28. I've been waiting for you to react to yeonjun's cover, "song cry" and I'm 100% sure you'll love it

  29. Please react to bts outro:tear , the rap and stage presence is insane

    – https://youtu.be/UJSDI8iYh6Y

  30. Plz reaction to Day6 – Zombie

  31. Fairy of shampoo plssss

  32. Will you please react to Chungha Stay Tonight


  34. Please do react to their album eternity u will be shocked that they can really sing which they cater diff genres ☺️☺️☺️ specially the Fairy of Shampoo and Eternally🙏🙏🙏

  35. can't you react them at MTV? I think it was awesome

  36. Since Justin wants TXT to do R&B vocals, I recommend him to watch 20cm, There's alot of R&B there


  38. Please react to Agust D_ Daechwita

  39. Please react fairy of shampoo and eternally

  40. Can you please react to fairy of shampoo and maze in the mirror maybe eternally they display their vocals Very VERY VERY well

  41. Ojalá puedas reaccionar al talento de ASTRO 💜
    Esta es una canción escrita por uno de los miembros del grupo.

  42. Hello Justin if you are reading this can u please react to Drama by TXT?

  43. Definitely an amazing song, would love a reaction to the album. Also a reaction to Agust D MV for the Agust D 2 album would be great as a reaction

  44. please react to the boyz reveal on road to kingdom. one of their best performances

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